[Vision2020] 20 Worst Paying Jobs for Women

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20 Worst Paying Jobs for Women

Women in the United States earn around 20% less than men. Even when 
controlling for observable factors such as experience, education level, 
age and job title, the gender pay gap stubbornly remains.

This is the conclusion of a report just released by job review company 
Glassdoor. According to the study, women of the same age, with the same 
education and years of experience, still earn barely over four-fifths of 
what their male peers earn. When controlling for industry, year, company 
and occupation, the gap shrinks to 5.4%.

According to Andrew Chamberlain, chief economist at Glassdoor, people 
have “a common misperception that if you compare apples to apples you 
see no pay gap, and that’s just not true.”

<[more of the story at the link]>


At the top of the list of examples of worse-paying jobs is a front-line 
position on Wall Street.

1. Securities, commodities, and financial services sales agents
 > Women’s earnings as pct. of men’s: 52.5%
 > Women median weekly earnings: $767
 > Men median weekly earnings: $1,461
 > Number of workers: 211,000

Women employed as securities, commodities and financial sales agents 
earn about half of what their male counterparts earn. People in the 
occupation facilitate deals between buyers and sellers in financial 
markets. They also offer trading advice to companies and individual 
investors. As is common in the financial sector, financial services 
sales agents are paid extremely well, regardless of gender. The median 
weekly earnings among workers in the profession is $1,155, higher than 
the vast majority of occupations reviewed — but women earn $767 a week, 
while men earn $1,461 a week.


A comment apart from the 24/7 Wall St. publication:

After she has taken millions dollars in campaign contributions from Wall 
Street firms, it is disappointing to note that Hillary Clinton's effect 
on Wall Street has been to exacerbate their greed and to further enable 
their anti-social and unjust behaviors, even against their own female 
employees.  The reasonable conclusion appears to be that H. R. Clinton 
and Wall Street are birds of a feather in their relationships with one 
another, flocking for all they can retain for themselves. Public justice 
and welfare, on the other hand, may be as damned as they choose to be.


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