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A cat in Brooklyn was unceremoniously left alone on a busy street, with his litter box, pillow and other cat supplies. He was crying. The entire neighborhood then joined together and took to the streets to rescue him in time for Caturday.

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Kind People Saw a Photo of Abandoned Cat Crying on the Street and Did Something Incredible

When adopting a companion animal, some people may not realize how ill-prepared they are to care for another living being until it is too late. Unfortunately, this leads to hundreds of dogs and cats getting abandoned each year. In fact, it is estimated that there are currently around 70 millionhomeless dogs and cats in the U.S. alone! Sometimes they are dropped off at shelters and sometimes their owners are so ashamed they simply dump the poor creature on the street.

That’s what appears to have been the case for a cat spotted on the side of a street in Brooklyn, New York this week. Found next to a box of cat supplies and a litter box, the feline had clearly been abandoned.

The male cat was heard crying by passersby and shortly after, the Flatbush Area Team for Cats, or “Fat Cats,” posted photos of the kitty on their Facebook page. It seems that a street sweeper actually scared the sweet boy away, so Fat Cats urged people to keep their eyes out for the cat.
Concerned Brookylnites took to the streets soon after the Facebook photos posted, and looked for the cat high and low. They even found another stray cat, while on the hunt. This second cat, Martin, is currently in their possession and needs a home.

After a long weekend of searching, we’re happy to report that the abandoned cat was finally found! After some veterinary treatment and microchip scanning (there wasn’t one), this cat is now looking for a forever home. 

Seeing so many people concerned over the wellbeing of an animal they do not even know personally really restores your faith in humanity! Instead of focusing on the utter neglect and cruelty this cat’s owner demonstrated by dumping the helpless animal on the street without food or water, we choose to applaud those which are trying to help this cat get the love he deserves! We hope the little guy is found soon and learns that there are kind humans out there!


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