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 Friday, July 15, 2016
Nutrition Action Daily Tip
John McKissick knows firsthand it can mean a life sentence of disability.
Author: David Schardt in: Food Safety
This spring, CRF Frozen Foods of Washington State recalled more than 350 of its frozen vegetable products sold under 42 different brand names after eight people became infected with the foodborne illness Listeria from eating the vegetables.
This June, the Food and Drug Administration informed Whole Foods that Listeria bacteria were probably present on food contact surfaces in a company food processing plant in Massachusetts that prepared ready-to-eat food. The agency warned Whole Foods that "your cleaning and sanitation practices may not be adequate."
This summer, General Mills recalled some of its Nature Valley protein and nut bars because the sunflower kernels in them may have been contaminated with Listeria.
And the list goes on.
Listeria is a bug not to be taken lightly. Or easily removed from food plants.
A major cause of death from foodborne illness...
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