[Vision2020] Realclimate.org 6-7-16 "Boomerangs versus Javelins: The Impact of Polarization on Climate Change Communication"

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The following paragraph from the article by Jack Zhou from Duke University,
at website below, reveals that attempts at persuasion regarding climate
change in some cases has an effect opposite to what is intended.  The
findings of his research are not encouraging to those who believe, as I
do, that well reasoned arguments supported by credible facts alone can
shift a person's views of global warming toward support of action to
mitigate the problem:
*"What I found was that every single treatment condition failed to convince
respondents. In fact, treating Republicans with persuasive information made
them more resistant to climate action regardless of the content or sourcing
of that information. Overall, simply being exposed to pro-climate action
communication appeared to polarize Republicans even further; they became
more opposed to governmental action and less likely to take personal action
compared to the control group. They also became more certain of their
negative opinions on the issue, displaying significantly lower attitudinal
ambivalence compared to the control group. What’s more, all of these
treatment effects doubled to tripled in size for respondents who reported
high personal interest in politics, all statistically significant outcomes.
These highly politically interested individuals make up roughly one-third
of Republicans in the sample and in the United States."*
Link to article in subject heading on Realclimate.org below.
Boomerangs versus Javelins: The Impact of Polarization on Climate Change

7 June 2016
*Guest commentary by Jack Zhou
<https://nicholas.duke.edu/people/students/zhou-0>, Nicholas School of the
Environment, Duke University*
*Vision2020 Post: Ted Moffett*
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