[Vision2020] Bargain electronic Anna Karenina

Kenneth Marcy kmmos1 at frontier.com
Mon Jul 4 21:31:54 PDT 2016

Hello summer visionaries:

For those of you seeking a summer escape from whatever, if you have one 
or more devices that can present Amazon.com Kindle text and Audible.com 
audio books, Amazon.com has the Constance Garnett translation of Anna 
Karenina available for free, and, for those who have the Kindle edition, 
Audible.com will release on Tuesday, the 12th of this month, an audio 
book version performed by Maggie Gyllenhaal for $1.99 (or 1 credit). 
(Given the monetary value of a credit, paying $1.99 is the penurious 
purchase.)  The time length of the audio performance is 35 hours and 40 
minutes, so multiple listening sessions may well be in order to enjoy 
this presentation, and that, I suppose, is the point.


P.S.:  Yes, there have been other audio performances of Anna Karenina in 
recent years.  This one is new, so Maggie Gyllenhaal has an opportunity 
to capture listeners' hearts and imaginations. --KM

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