[Vision2020] Moscow's Fourth of July Celebration!

Linda Pall lpall at moscow.com
Fri Jul 1 15:29:58 PDT 2016

Dear Visionaries!

Those who have been around Moscow for awhile may remember that we had a budget issue for recreation-related expenditures and the question came up: why do we need TWO fireworks displays at around $10-15,000 each on BOTH July 3 and 4? Pullman had firmly planted its mark on the evening of July 4 and that left Moscow with July 3.  We deferred to Pullman and elected NOT to spend that money on fireworks July 3.  I love fireworks anytime but I supported the decision because it was the sane thing to do.

That year, the 4th of July parade down Main Street that had dwindled over the years was discontinued. That year, there was NO Moscow 4th of July!  I found that a real disgrace...surely, there was some formal recognition of our independence that we could celebrate without spending a gazillion dollars we didn’t have!

Out of that disgrace was born our one hour special 4th of July commemoration at high noon sharp, July 4 on Friendship Square. We say the pledge of allegiance, sing the National Anthem – this year with the help of the Sweet Adelines!  Then we offer politicians the chance to tell us in a few words what the 4th of July means to them. It’s a terrific chance to talk about one’s patriotism without appearing jingoistic!  We usually have the pleasure of the Moscow Peace Band but this year Fritz Knorr, the heart and soul of this group as well as its organizational spark plug, is on vacation. We’ll miss the band this year but we’ll be ready for next year! After all of this comes a feature I thought of almost ten years ago: the Moscow Mutt Strutt! People doll their canines up with red, white and blue and participate in a fashion show where the dogs and their owners strut their stuff.  It’s a complete hoot with prizes to boot --- thanks to the generosity every year of Pets Are People Too! Thanks to the generous work of Eric Newell and his crew at Parks and Recreation, we have all this pulled together and FREE ice creamcicles in addition!

I encourage you all to join us for a nod to our origins and the significance of this important holiday. It’s a terrific way to celebrate a grand, old country with its grand old flag... and red, white and blue pooches besides!

All the best,

Linda Pall
4th of July Coordinator
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