[Vision2020] Huntsville, AL Trump Endorsement Rally Literally A Stinking Disaster

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Huntsville, AL Trump Endorsement Rally Literally A Stinking Disaster

When thirty thousand people queued up for a Donald Trump rally near Huntsville, AL yesterday where the reality show candidate was scheduled to receive an endorsement from Sen. Jeff Sessions, they got a disgusting preview of his presidential management style.

According to WAAY-TV correspondent Cat Reid, the YOOJ! crowd of Trump supporters arrived to find only one portable toilet outside the open-air stadium, while the facility’s plumbing was inadequate to the task.

Reid says that Madison police referred her to the Trump campaign for comment, but Maj. Jim Cooke told AL.com last Friday that the campaign “could not have picked a worse location for this number of people.”

Trump reportedly urged to Fire Marshall to admit people faster so they could use the bathrooms inside the high school football stadium. The event location was changed last week to accommodate more people, but organizers failed to ensure there were sufficient commodes.

During the rally, four different groups of protesters were escorted from the crowd, including Black Lives Matter activists who say that one of their signs was seized and crumpled.

One of those groups was Veterans Challenge Islamophobia, who held up multiple banners with messages like “Veterans say end hate speech.”

“Muslims were our interpreters, Muslims were our sisters and brothers in arms,” Army veteran Jason Hurd said.

This was Hurd’s second Trump rally. He says the crowd wasn’t very receptive of their message, and Trump supporters even covered up their sign.

As the veterans were being escorted out, people in the crowd pushed them and tried to take the banners.
Sessions’s endorsement of Trump was a surprise to no one who has been paying attention to their budding relationship. Sessions is Trump’s immigration policy adviser and was clearly an influence in his friend’s response to the recent visit of Mexico by Pope Francis, for example.

Befitting a candidate who stumbled this weekend over questions about his endorsement by former Ku Klux Klan Grand Wizard David Duke, Sessions has a long history of racist statements and white supremacist attitudes. As the state Attorney General, he tried to prosecute civil rights activists for ‘voting fraud,’ i.e. registering black voters, in 1984. Sessions was nominated for a federal judgeship by Ronald Reagan, but received a rare Senate rejection when he called the Civil Rights Act “a piece of intrusive legislation.” He had allegedly been heard by previous colleagues ‘joking’ that he had approved of some Klansmen until he learned that they smoked marijuana.

Something was surely in the air at Trump’s rally, but it apparently wasn’t something people wanted.


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