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 The Race to Save Syria's Archaeological Treasures

 What Happens to a Town's Cultural Identity as Its Namesake Glacier Melts?

 The Lincoln Memorial Is Getting a Makeover

 Watch a Stunning Time-Lapse of Cave-Bound Glowworms

 The Federal Highway Administration Says Stop to Crosswalk Art


 Researchers Say Culling Koalas May Save Them From Chlamydia

 Chow Down on a Plastic-Eating Fungus

 “Mermaid Ivory” Stirs Controversy Over How Extinct Species Are Studied

 How a German Archaeologist Rediscovered in Iran the Tomb of Cyrus

 Messy Kitchens Could Make You Eat More

 A Ban on Salamanders Is Just Part of the Fight Against This Deadly Fungus

 This Unfinished Film Highlights the Daily Lives of Black Americans in the 1960s

 Rent a Recreation of Van Gogh’s Bedroom and Other Artistic Airbnbs


 In 1923, the tomb of King Tutankhamun was unsealed for the first time in modern history. Opening the best-preserved and most intact pharaoh's tomb in the Valley of Kings proved to be a watershed moment for Egyptian excavation.

Get an inside look at notes from famed archaeologist Howard Carter's diary when he first discovered the ancient tomb.

 Photo of the Day


 "Three Men Sleeping Under a Mosquito Net."
Photo by Tamina-Florentine Zuch

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