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Mon Feb 1 11:27:31 PST 2016

This week at the Latah Recovery Center-Open to all.  Please RSVP:

·         AA Daily at noon

·         Adult Children of Alcoholics Women’s Meeting, Sundays, 6-7:30pm

·         Positive Affirmations, Mondays at 1:10-2pm

·         Volunteer Orientation, Wednesdays 2-3pm or by appt.

·         Public Speaking Club, Wednesdays at 6:30am

·         Mindfulness Meditation and Yoga, Thursdays, 1:10-2pm

·         Movie and Game Night-Finding Nemo, Fridays

·         Mental Health Information and Referral every Saturday 3-5pm

·         Latah Recovery Center Open House 2/6/16, 1:30-5pm

And mark your calendars for these upcoming offerings!

·         Internet/Social Media Safety “Do you really know who you are
talking to?” 2/9/16, 2-3pm

·         Knitting w/Kimberly 2/13, 1:30-4pm

·         De-Escalation Techniques:  Calming a Bad Situation w/Doug Salada
2/16/16, 6:30-8pm

·         Using Vocational Rehab to Improve Employment and Training
Opportunities w/Gina 2/23/16, 5:30-6:30pm

·         Recovery Coaching Ethics 2/24-26/16

·         Learn to Crochet and Re-Wire Your Brain 2/27/16, 10-12

·         Banking 101 w./Karen Richel, 2/25/16, 2-3

·         Rest Your Body (Sleeping Better) w./Karen Richel, 3/24/16, 2-3

·         Declutter Your Life w./Karen Richel, 4/28/16, 2-3

·         Eating Well w./Karen Richel, 5/26/16, 2-3

·         Responsible Couponing w./Karen Richel, 6/23/16, 2-3

Latah Recovery Center - A Community of Peer Support
Find us on Facebook.
Call us at 208-883-1045
Open:  10-3 Mon, 10-8 Tues., 10-5 Wed., 10-8 Thurs. and Fri.
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