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With hardly abated breath one awaits the next headline:

Serial rebutting gets community's pastoral goat


On 4/19/2016 3:24 AM, Moscow Cares wrote:
> Courtesy of today's (April 19, 2016) Moscow-Pullman Daily News.
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>   Pastor rebuts statements by victim of child abuse
> Christ Church was not involved in the sentencing of a 
> pastor-in-training about 10 years ago for felony injury to a child, 
> Doug Wilson, senior pastor of Christ Church in Moscow, wrote Monday in 
> an email to the Daily News.
> He was responding to a story, "Survivors: 'Listen to me,' " on Page 
> One of the April 15 edition.
> The victim in the case, Natalie Greenfield, who spoke April 14 at the 
> University of Idaho, detailed her seduction as a 13-year-old by the 
> man who was 10 years older. She was quoted as saying that "Christ 
> Church fought for him tooth and nail."
> "The Greenfields could have insisted on going to trial, and they were 
> the ones who decided not to," Wilson wrote. "My understanding is that 
> the reason they decided not to is because Jamin (Wight) had journals 
> in his possession, written by Natalie, that he could have used in his 
> defense in open court."
> She alleges the church told her parents not to go to trial, and church 
> members wrote to the court on her abuser's behalf and brought her own 
> character into question.
> "A plea deal was settled, which Christ Church had nothing to do with," 
> Wilson wrote. "The reason Jamin 'got off light' was entirely due to 
> the arrangement the Greenfields made with the state of Idaho."
> Wilson wrote, "Jamin deserved the punishment he received, and I happen 
> to believe that he could have received a stricter punishment without 
> any injustice.
> "So if you want to blame someone for the sentence, then you need to 
> limit your candidates to the state of Idaho and the Greenfields," he 
> wrote.
> He wrote that Natalie's father might object to that account of things.
> Wilson went on: "He is (literally, not just figuratively) a 
> flat-earther. And the reason for bringing this up is NOT because 
> flat-earthers deserve to have their daughters abused, but rather 
> because flat-earthers ought not to be trusted when it comes to what 
> constitutes reasonable evidence."
> The Greenfields were members of Christ Church. Wight, of Potlatch, 
> stayed at their house in Moscow's Fort Russell neighborhood, but he 
> attended Trinity Reformed Church, headed at the time by Peter J. 
> Leithart, a faculty member at New Saint Andrews College.
> Leithart wrote of that time in a Facebook posting in September.
> Of Jamin Wight, he wrote, "I allowed him to manipulate me. A number of 
> the things I said about Jamin to the congregation and court at the 
> time his abuse was uncovered were spun in Jamin's favor.
> "I trusted his account of the circumstances more readily and longer 
> than I should have, and conversely I disbelieved the victim's 
> parents," Leithart wrote. "I didn't appreciate how much damage Jamin 
> did, and I was naive about the effect that the abuse had on the 
> victim's family."
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> Case #2005-02500 (Jamin Wight)
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