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Hillary should be in the federal pen, but more than likely she will be in the Whitehouse. Hopefully her coattails are short.


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On 4/7/2016 4:26 PM, Tom Hansen wrote:

Which begs the question . . .

When (not "If") Hillary Clinton Is inaugurated in January, what will be Bill Clinton's official title?  First Dude?

Bill Clinton's official title likely will be nowhere near as important as the variety of roles in which he will participate.  Unfortunately, I suspect that the general public will be aware of fewer than all of them.

The Obama years may be remembered as uncomfortably under-productive considering the opposing party's roles in the legislative branch, but a return of the Clinton family to 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue may turn out to be a painful period of presidential potential unfulfilled if the opposing party controlling the other end of Pennsylvania Avenue decides to insulate the Executive Offices from significant achievement.  Even worse is the prospect of extended periods of formal legal combat between branches of the federal government should the Clintons' ascendancy return.  We've been there before; the prospect of exchanging roles, editing the script lines, and performing the revised play again to a captive audience causes at least as much trepidation as excitement.

Rather than a title, he may have an acronymic nickname: Frosty - first reader of subpoenas to yield.
(One suspects that may be afflicted with sad - scalia acronym disease.)

What is really needed, of course, is a presidential candidate whose coat-tails are sufficiently strong as to bring a cooperative federal legislature with him into incumbency.  Then the people's business may be more expeditiously accomplished.


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