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How right you are!!! Talk to the new Park supervisor, hired to replace Tom Grundin, and the continuing Director of Public Works... along with Gary Riedner, they have the history of what’s gone on and have a good idea of the likelihood of moving this off the dime. The Moscow Pathways Commission originally the Paradise Park Task Force saw this as part of the pathway systems, connecting the area along Mountainview for pedestrians, bikes and the handicapped via the bridge to the Fort Russell Neighborhood and adjacent areas.  I think the best way to get going with this is to building a simple pedestrian/bicycle and handicapped access bridge and plant some bulbs and other pleasant improvements of the surrounding landscape and see how people use and respond to the space.  

There is certainly now pressing need to destroy the history core of Moscow from Third Street to just east of Hayes and bordering Lena Whitmore Elementary School, as well as all the historic properties including the City Hall (the former US Federal Building), Methodist Church, Moscow High School, 1912 Center and East City Park.

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Yet, there remains one item of concern that deserves immediate attention, instead of being swept under the proverbial rug . . . like it has been for the past ten years.


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  Congrats to Moscow Parks and Rec!

  I'm so happy that they did not put them down below the Frontier Addition.  That would have been very unsafe for children (a narrow Palouse River Drive), too much noise for the south end of the Arboretum, and a nuisance for residents of the Frontier Addition, which would have experienced increased traffic through their neighborhood, where I once lived.  We said "Put them on Joseph Street" and they finally listened.


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  . . . on May 2nd . . . for the official opening of . . .

  The Joseph Street Ballfields 

  Sing it . . .

  "Take Me Out to the Ball Game"

  Seeya there, Moscow, because . . .

  "Moscow Cares" (the most fun you can have with your pants on)
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