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Wilson has powers that are truly astounding!  Apparently he has mastered
time travel... He is issuing statements from the year 3007!

Of course, being a divinely enlightened being with exact knowledge of how
":God" wants human beings to behave, such God defined, perhaps (I really
don't know the exact definition of "God" Wilson employs), as "all powerful,"
Wilson may be receiving assistance from such a God to facilitate time

OK, it was just a typo error, and everyone knows that, so why comment?

It was raining hard outside, so I was idly passing time waiting for the
sun, which is now shining!

"God" is smiling down upon me.

>From the post below:

"Perhaps Mr. Wilson should have heeded his own words of January 31, 3007 .
. ."
Vision2020 Post: Ted Moffett

On Fri, Sep 4, 2015 at 11:15 PM, Moscow Cares <moscowcares at moscow.com>

Permit me to preface this posting with a personal comment.
> I totally support the content of this letter and the intent for which It
> was written.
> As each of us matures, we must assume responsibility for our actions and
> inactions.
> Perhaps Mr. Wilson should have heeded his own words of January 31, 3007 .
> . .
> http://www.tomandrodna.com/Sounds/Doug_Wilson_013107.mp3
> Courtesy of Keely Emerine Mix, a friend, . . .
> ---------------------------------------
> This is my letter to Doug Wilson, who officiated at the 2011 wedding of a
> young female congregant to Steven Sitler, a serial pedophile with whom she
> had a baby earlier this year. Steven, in what the Latah County Prosecutor
> called an instance of "the State's worst fears," was found to have
> unspecified "contact resulting in actual sexual stimulation" with the
> infant, causing the judge to require that an approved chaperone be present
> at all times -- "within his direct line of sight, at all times he is around
> his infant child." (Moscow-Pullman Daily News, Wednesday, Sept. 2, 2015).
> The article DOES NOT state that Sitler molested the infant but experienced
> sexual arousal as a result of the unnamed contact; the article further
> states that the contact was disclosed in a lie-detector test, which the
> Prosecutor says he has never passed. In the prosecutor's words, "The
> actions that he has engaged in and disclosed are a compelling basis that he
> cannot have anything close to a normal parental relationship at this time
> with his child ... Everybody would love for Mr. Sitler to become a normal
> person, but the fact is he is not. He is a serial child sexual abuser."
> (Daily News, ibid).
> Wilson, who previously had argued that child molesters should be killed,
> then argued that his congregant and New St. Andrews student should receive
> "measured" civil penalties because he had "repented." Sitler was sentenced
> in to life in prison in Sept. 2006 under a plea agreement, serving less
> than a year before being granted lifelong probation. Terms of that
> probation require that he never be alone with any child under 18, even his
> own. According to the prosecutor, he "would not be able to reside with his
> wife and child," an outcome Christ Church lawyer Dean Wullenwaber said that
> was akin to "perform surgery with an ax ..."
> Sitler's past offenses, the disturbing results of his deviancy
> assessments, and the bride's extreme preoccupation about being 23 and not
> having experienced "it" -- courtship, engagement, marriage -- led her to
> seek matchmaking with NSA Librarian Ed Iverson, who, in an example of
> arrogant stupidity you'll likely not see the likes of anytime soon, brought
> the two together. After a whirlwind courtship, they married in June 2011.
> Wilson presided.
> You will hear that Wilson didn't know the full extent of Sitler's crimes
> and illness.
> That is a lie. He knew it all. And, some weeks after Sitler was caught
> molesting a toddler in the house in which he lived with a Christ Church
> family (2005), Wilson, at an all-male "Heads of Household" meeting,
> disclosed Sitler's offense, although accounts differ regarding how much
> information he gave them. He did not tell any mothers directly, relying on
> their husbands to discuss it.
> I believe Wilson has caused untold devastation to an immature but worthy
> young woman, her infant, who, at best, will never be able to bond
> one-on-one with his father, and to Sitler himself, who now has access to
> his own child and likely victim -- temptation not mitigated by a "line of
> sight" chaperone. And while Iverson is equally guilty, he is not a pastor,
> did not perform the wedding, and does not have the position and power
> Wilson had to inject some sanity into this. Instead, Wilson's stupefying
> arrogance guided his actions, and he must be held accountable.
> The letter:
> September 4, 2015
> Douglas Wilson, Pastor
> Christ Church of Moscow, Idaho
> Dear Doug,
> I wanted to wait until the end of the work week before I wrote to you,
> hoping that perhaps any vestige of conscience you have would spur you to
> announce that you will do what I am about to ask you to do. It’s now 6
> p.m., and there’s no indication that you will do the right thing here.
> Therefore, I am forced, in light of your egregious contribution to the
> recent revelation that your congregant, Steven Sitler has had, as the Daily
> News reports, “contact resulting in actual sexual stimulation” in
> circumstances involving his infant child, to demand that you resign
> immediately as pastor of Christ Church, Moscow, Idaho.
> As you know, in May 2011 I charged you, through my blog, Prevailing Winds,
> with reckless, arrogant, damaging, and un-Godly conduct in supporting the
> Ed Iverson-arranged courtship between Sitler and Katie Fowler, and then, in
> June 2011, marrying them – despite the objections of his court-ordered
> sexual deviancy counselor and testing data indicating that he was at high
> risk of re-offending. Your hypocrisy in pleading for “measured” civil
> penalties for a man whose conduct was, as you had written before, worthy in
> your mind only of the death penalty, has been noted.
> You compounded your hypocrisy, however, by demonstrating a breathtaking
> absence of mature judgment and common sense when you married this serial
> pedophile to a presumably fertile young woman whose children, per the terms
> of his release, could never be left alone with him, their own father.
> Katie, whose startling immaturity was amply demonstrated before and during
> the courtship, was assigned by the State after their wedding as his primary
> chaperone.
> However, you have taught Katie that her husband is her covenant head,
> leader of their family, and one she must obey, making a mockery of her
> legal responsibility to supervise him when he’s in the presence of any
> children, including his own. She was under the legal imperative to
> immediately report any signs of molestation or suspicious behavior, and it
> seemed a safe bet that she would not contradict or exercise authority over
> her husband. Indeed, she has now lost that position and will only regain
> it, according to the Daily News, after increased training by the State.
> Tragically, no amount of “man’s law” will triumph over what she believes
> to be her Biblical duty to support and submit to her husband – even when
> the well-being of her own baby is at risk, as is the case. I cannot imagine
> a less Biblical husband-and-wife relationship than one that requires that,
> because of the husband’s sexual pathology, she must never leave her child
> alone with him. Your blithe ignorance of the impossible position you have
> put her in is despicable. More reprehensible, though, is the contempt you
> heaped on this young woman when you married her to a man whose sexual
> attractions not only do not, by definition, include her, but, horrifically,
> would be focused on any children she bears to him.
> I would be hard-pressed to find another Christian pastor whose judgment is
> so poor and whose contempt is so profound. And while Iverson, whom Katie
> has breathlessly described as her matchmaker, sinned horribly by offering
> Steven as a suitable husband for the desperately lonely young woman who so
> looked up to him, he is not a pastor, and he did not perform the ceremony
> that sealed this woman’s fate, and that of her children, for the rest of
> her life.
> I have engaged with you for 13 years now, and I know that you regularly do
> and say shameful things, shamelessly. I do not, therefore, appeal to your
> sense of decency. I believe you have none. Because of what you have done to
> this woman – and to Steven by enabling him to be in a relationship wherein
> he is extremely likely to father his own victims – I am prayerfully
> committed to exposing you, until you publicly repent, as an object of such
> scorn and disapproval that your name will never again be uttered in any
> positive connection to the Gospel of Jesus Christ. It is this Gospel you
> have appropriated to put Katie, her child, and Steven in peril, and it is
> this Gospel you have made filthy in the eyes of your community.
> Therefore, it is for the sake of Christian witness locally and for what I
> believe to be the salvation of your soul that I insist you take
> responsibility and demonstrate repentance by resigning -- immediately,
> publicly and in humility. I will make this letter public three hours after
> I send it to you, and if you do not resign by 5 p.m. Tuesday, September 8,
> I will deliver copies of my May 2011 blogposts, this letter, and the Daily
> News article to every Christian pastor in Moscow. I will also organize
> peaceful efforts to expose your enabling of this tragedy, and I will never
> cease praying for your repentance.
> If this seems harsh and unyielding to you, I would ask that you consider
> how harsh the life that you and Iverson designed for Katie is. Believe me
> when I say that just humiliation may follow you because you married them,
> and yet I’m certain that she would do anything in her power to have simple
> humiliation be the worst thing she must face, thanks to you two, every day
> of her life.
> Sincerely,
> Keely Emerine-Mix
> ---------------------------------------
> Seeya 'round town, Moscow, because . . .
> "Moscow Cares"
> http://www.MoscowCares.com <http://www.moscowcares.com/>
> Tom Hansen
> Moscow, Idaho
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