[Vision2020] The Laziest City in Each State

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How is exercise/physical activity defined.  As I see it exercise is different than physical activity.


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Wasn’t Lewiston also the drunkest city (but less likely to drive under the influence) in Idaho?


If so, perhaps the lack of exercise (I’ll not call it laziness because it’s possible to be physically active without exercising . . . difficult but possible) is a good thing because exercising while drinking doesn’t seem like a good combo to me.





Moscow, ID


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Americans appear to be exercising more and more every year. When surveyed about their exercise habits, 73% of Americans reported they engaged in physical activity during their leisure time. Of course, exercise habits vary widely from state to state, and even more so from city to city. In Beckley, the laziest city in West Virginia, just 64.0% of residents report regular physical activity. Meanwhile in Burlington, the laziest city in Vermont, 83.6% of residents exercise regularly.

Exercise is an important determinant of overall health. Mississippi — the state where residents report the lowest levels of physical activity — also has the highest obesity rate. The situation is reversed in Colorado, where the highest level of physical activity coincides with the lowest obesity rate in the country.


12. Idaho
> Laziest city: Lewiston
> Pct. of city residents reporting physical activity: 77.7%
> Pct. of state residents reporting physical activity: 80.5%
> Obesity rate: 30.7%
> City population: 60,884

In Idaho, more than four out of five residents report regular physical activity, a far higher share than the 73.0% of Americans who do, and the ninth highest of any state. While Lewiston adults exercise less than Idaho as a whole, they are still more active than Americans overall, with 77.7% of residents getting regular physical activity.

Populations that exercise less tend to be in worse physical health, and Lewiston is no exception. Of all adults in the metro area, 30.7% are obese, significantly higher than Idaho’s 27.3% obesity rate. Residents in areas with higher levels of education tend to exercise more, and vice versa. In Lewiston, just 21.3% of adults have at least a bachelor’s degree, the lowest share in the state.




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