[Vision2020] Ben Carson

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Tue Nov 17 17:01:22 PST 2015

He does not hold a candle to Hillary in the lying department.


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>I have had 2 calls from the Ben Carson campaign tonight. Both have a 
>real human introducing me to the voice of "Ben" before he lets me know 
>he is being victimized by the liberal press, that the US has been broken 
>by Washington, and that he is the solution, even though he is victimized.
>I let the call center employees know I hoped they were being well paid 
>to make these calls for a crazy person's campaign. One chuckled and 
>thanked me, the other got abusive. I did let both of them know I think 
>Ben Carson is a stupid lunatic. Bet it doesn't get recorded on the call 
>I am failing to understand the draw Carson has with anyone. He is a 
>pathological liar, dumb as a post, and a historical revisionist. Not to 
>mention he is unable to even recognize the plight of the majority of 
>African Americans in the US, has no grasp of foreign policy, and thinks 
>the world is only 600 years old....did I say "dumb as a post"? "On a 
>mission from Ghod" I guess. Makes me cringe....Trump is "only" a 
>megalomaniac, but Carson is a God Bothering Narcissist Oreo.
>Debi R-S
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