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> On Nov 16, 2015, at 6:42 PM, Debi Smith <Debismith at moscow.com> wrote:
> I have had 2 calls from the Ben Carson campaign tonight. Both have a real human introducing me to the voice of "Ben" before he lets me know he is being victimized by the liberal press, that the US has been broken by Washington, and that he is the solution, even though he is victimized.
> I let the call center employees know I hoped they were being well paid to make these calls for a crazy person's campaign. One chuckled and thanked me, the other got abusive.  I did let both of them know I think Ben Carson is a stupid lunatic. Bet it doesn't get recorded on the call report!
> I am failing to understand the draw Carson has with anyone. He is a pathological liar, dumb as a post, and a historical revisionist. Not to mention he is unable to even recognize the plight of the majority of African Americans in the US, has no grasp of foreign policy, and thinks the world is only 600 years old....did I say "dumb as a post"? "On a mission from Ghod" I guess. Makes me cringe....Trump is "only" a megalomaniac, but Carson is a God Bothering Narcissist Oreo.
> Debi R-S
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