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Top 5 craziest calls to N. Idaho authorities 


Sometimes people call police for some strange reasons. Here are some of the weirdest calls police in North Idaho have received in the last seven days:

"Way too much" to drink

East 1st Street: Moscow Police arrested a man trying to get into a house that was not his. When asked how much he had to drink, he told police, “Way too much."


Breaking, entering and sleeping

North Almon Street: Caller reported someone was trying to get into her house. She said she escaped to her neighbor’s house and called the police. When Moscow Police arrived, they looked through the window and saw a man asleep in a chair in the living room. Police said they knocked on the door and the clearly intoxicated man answered and was arrested.


Accidentally turned himself in

A Post Falls man was arrested after he called police saying his tires were slashed, according to a post on the Post Falls police Facebook page. The man had a warrant out for his arrest. Police said the tires only had low pressure.


Mud or poop?

Baker Street: A woman called complaining there was feces on the outer wall of her apartment. Moscow Police responded, and after tests, determined the substance on her wall was only mud.


Convincing Halloween costume

South Blaine Street — Taco Bell: Caller reported he was concerned about a girl with bruises on her face. Moscow Police responded and determined the bruises were Halloween make up.


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