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Tom Hansen thansen at moscow.com
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Courtesy of today's (May 26, 2015) Moscow-Pullman Daily News.

Letter: Diversity: great until you get some
I was dumbstruck and appalled by Lee Rozen's Our View for the editorial board concerning the Moscow Food Co-op and its Christ Church board members (May 19). Since when do members of a community organization such as the Co-op lose the right to be involved because of their religious affiliation? And why would a local paper call into question their intentions in doing so? Our church is made up of a diverse bunch of people who love their town, many of whom work in businesses downtown, run farms, shop local, eat local, pay taxes, run booths at the farmers market, etc. And yes, many of them are longtime members of the Co-op.

We ought to applaud folks taking the time to serve our community, outside of their immediate circles, especially in volunteer positions such as boards. Fear mongering about fellow citizenry is unbecoming to a paper that aspires to serve its community.

I can't overstate my disappointment in your piece and I hope the Daily News editorial board can use its platform to encourage true community and diversity in the future.

I've been a Moscow resident for the past 15 years (formerly of Santa Cruz, Calif.) and am the daughter-in-law of senior minister Douglas Wilson.

Heather Wilson, Moscow


Ms. Wilson -

Lee Rozen's expressed displeasure is not with Christ Church's congregation, but its "management" (for lack of a more appropriate term).

I've been a Moscow resident for the past 23 years, formerly of Van Nuys and Northridge (both in California), the U.S. Army (Nurnberg [Germany], New Jersey, Rhode Island, Anjong-Ri [Korea], Presidio of San Francisco, Stuttgart [Germany], Barstow [California], Kitzingen [Germany]), and am a proud member, and founder, of the Intoleristas.  Perhaps your father-in-law has mentioned us on occasion, but maybe not in such glowing terms.

Seeya at the Wingding, because . . .

"Moscow Cares"
Tom Hansen
Moscow, Idaho
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