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Courtesy of the Letters section of today's (July 23, 2015) Moscow-Pullman Daily News with thanks to Dorothy Newkirk of Pullman.

Letter: A reply to Doug Wilson
In references from Leviticus and Jude's and Paul's letters to their followers, there are rules for sinless lives. If you want to follow Leviticus, stop eating shellfish, pork and bacon. Don't cut your beards, don't wear mixed fibers in your clothes, purify yourself after child birth and your monthly menses, kill your children when they back talk, etc.
Why pick and choose what you are going to follow in the Bible? There are many restrictions in Leviticus, why only follow some of them - are the others unworthy of your attention? Quit cherry picking and follow all or nothing.
Sodom and Gomorrah's fates can be traced back to hospitality laws and customs in the Middle East. The people of those cities were most definitely inhospitable to strangers (the angels), since they wanted to rape and kill them.
The English word homosexual was first used in 1892 in the English translation of Krafft-Ebing's "Psychopathia sexualis," a reference work, written in German in 1886, and "homosexual" did not appear in any translation of the Christian Bible until 1946.
There are words in Greek for same-sex sexual activities, yet they never appear in the original texts of the New Testament. Much of the Bible was written in Greek - Ancient Greek, which is very different from Modern Greek. Changes in words and meanings get worse when translating to different languages.
Get with the 21st century. The Bible was written by Bronze Age goat herders. It has been rewritten and translated so many times, who knows what it originally said? Remember the game Telephone?
I say mind your own backyard and your life before you try to interfere in someone else's life and beliefs. Why are you so worked up about what two committed people do in their bedroom? Mind your own business.
Dorothy Newkirk, Pullman

Seeya 'round town, Moscow, because . . .

"Moscow Cares"
Tom Hansen
Moscow, Idaho
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