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Courtesy of the Letters section of today's (July 18, 2015) Moscow-Pullman Daily News with thanks to the Rev. Mary Beth Rivetti.

Letter: Requesting apology from Daily News
I just returned from a month-long absence, during which time I participated in the 78th General Convention of The Episcopal Church meeting in Salt Lake City. The gavel dropped to open the legislative sessions just days after news of the Supreme Court's ruling legalizing equal access to marriage for all.
As readers may know, our church also agreed to make marriage liturgies available to all who are legally authorized to be married, while at the same time confirming the right of any clergy person to deny marriage to any couple. We did a lot of other things, too, like marching against gun violence and exploring our own institutional racism.
But when we discussed marriage, knowing that there were dissenting voices on the floor, we listened to all comers with respect and due process. We allowed a dissenting minority voice to be heard. But at all times we encouraged loving engagement with one another, and respect for the dignity of everyone. So this morning at breakfast I am greeted by an article featuring a local pastor who has blogged very publicly about his opposition to marriage equality. And above the fold, prominently displayed, a triumphal photo of him trampling a rainbow flag.
Now, Pastor Wilson is free to put such inflammatory displays in his own extensive media holdings. I am dismayed, however, to find the local paper placing such a provocative photo above the fold - even if the text of the article includes a challenge to the position held by the good pastor. There are a number of leaders of conservative churches, there are a number of conservative Episcopalians even, who aren't happy about either the Supreme Court ruling or the recent actions of The Episcopal Church. Why not interview them if you want a religious take on the matter - maybe with more nuance?
I'd like an apology for the Wilson photo. This isn't how the people of this community behave.
The Rev. Mary Beth Rivetti (Rector, St. James' Episcopal Church), Pullman




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