[Vision2020] Black and Tan

Rosemary Huskey donaldrose at cpcinternet.com
Tue Jul 7 06:22:25 PDT 2015

Anyone who believes (as apparently a reader of the Daily News did) that
snagging a Eugene Genovese blurb on Black and Tan, Doug Wilson's
self-published, dimwitted, reinvention of his ignorant and monumentally
offensive defense of slavery in Southern Slavery As It Was is some kind of
qsrc%3D19%26o%3D10616%26l%3Ddir> coup d'etat should read former University
of Idaho faculty member William Ramsey
<http://www.amazon.com/William-L.-Ramsey/e/B001JSDSMY> 's, remarks on Black
and Tan.  The on-line review <http://historynewsnetwork.org/article/23113>
is well worth the read.  

Rose Huskey



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