[Vision2020] Sue Hovey

Dan Carscallen areaman at moscow.com
Tue Jan 13 11:29:03 PST 2015

I know many folks on the vizzz have probably been wondering, and I might
even be the last to know; Sue passed beyond the mortal plane last night.


I'll always remember her as the G/T teacher at the high school, and how it
seemed like she did all she could to keep that Texas drawl.  Many years
passed between my HS days and my run for city council, but being the
excellent teacher that she was, she remembered having me as a student.  We
may not have always aligned politically, but I like to think that we had
some mutual respect, and I put up with her teasing me a bit about those
awkward teenage years.  No matter what we agreed or disagreed on, she was a
nice lady, and a lady in the truest sense.


She'll be missed.  Keep her family in your thoughts.




P.S.  A lot of people to keep in our thoughts here lately.  

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