[Vision2020] Goodwill shopper buys $20, 000 Vince Lombardi jacket for 58 cents

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Reminds me of the violin found in the trash that was appraised at around

I'm not kidding:

'Antiques Roadshow' Premiere: Man Shocked By Value Of Violin He Found In
The Trash (VIDEO)

Goodwill shopper unwittingly buys $20,000 Vince Lombardi jacket


Check your closet, friend... if you've ever shopped at Goodwill, you might
just have a famous artifact of clothing hanging there.

Sean McAvoy of Knoxville, Tenn. was shopping in an Asheville, N.C. Goodwill
store when he came across a tattered old West Point jacket. He bought it
for 58 cents, intending to sell it at his own vintage clothing store.

But McAvoy happened to be watching a documentary on the legendary coach
Vince Lombardi, the man for whom the Super Bowl winners' trophy is named,
and noticed that Lombardi was sporting a jacket just like the one he'd
bought. His wife checked the sweater-style jacket, and lo and behold, there
was a nametag that read "Lombardi" within

The jacket came from Lombardi's time at West Point, his final coaching stop
before jumping to the NFL. As the auction listing notes: "Serving as
assistant to veteran head coach Earl 'Colonel Red' Blaik, Lombardi
inherited his mentor's focus on repetition and execution that formed the
basis for the iconic leader's personal mantra: 'Perfection is not
attainable, but if we chase perfection we can catch excellence.'"

McAvoy first contacted the NFL Hall of Fame, which wanted him to donate the
jacket. McAvoy decided to go the more profitable route, contacting Heritage
Auctions in Dallas. An appraiser authenticated the jacket and set its value
at $20,000, with an auction set to take place this weekend. You can view
the bidding right here
if you're going to get in on the action, better save those pennies.
Bargain shoppers in New Jersey take note: Rex Ryan recently dumped off a
load of no-longer-necessary Jets sweaters
at a local Goodwill. You never know what else might be out there.
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