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Subject: Checking presidential overreach on our public lands
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Checking presidential overreach on our public lands

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  February 13, 2015


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Dear Friends,
This week, I introduced a bill designed to reform the Antiquities Act by restraining unilateral presidential restrictions on federal lands.
The National Monument Designation Transparency and Accountability Act is the House companion to Sen. Mike Crapo’s S. 228, introduced last month.
My bill requires approval by Congress and the legislature of any state with a proposed national monument before the president can formally designate the monument. The legislation also requires congressional approval and public input before restricting access to public lands in the proposed monument.
In 1906, Congress passed the Antiquities Act out of concern about theft from archeological sites. Since then, 16 presidents have designated 139 monuments that include over 500 million acres of land and marine habitat, often without support from local communities, user groups and Congress.
The result has often been disruption of local economies and forever blocking utilization of important natural resources, as well as traditional recreational use.
Presidents in both parties have overstepped the original intent of the law. In Idaho, the current threat of a presidential designation of a Boulder-White Clouds National Monument has distorted the debate on how to manage those lands.
Too often, presidents have used the Antiquities Act to intimidate. The bullying is all too real in public lands states like Idaho, where 64 percent of the land is owned by the federal government.
It is time for Congress to restore the balance between the branches.
It’s also vital that local communities, user groups and state elected officials have a chance to be heard in an open legislative process.
Vast landscapes shouldn’t suddenly become off limits at the stroke of a presidential pen.

Thank you,

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