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In this case the rot starts at the top, hello President Staben of the silly,
very expensive, circus tent crackpottery!  Mr. Paul Petrino (I don't use the
title coach which is a term that suggests a position of respect - that he
certainly doesn't deserve) should be fired for his lack of integrity.  The
graduate assistant coaches should be placed on probation.  An apology (and a
very abject one at that) should be offered to the Chief Duke and the
officers of the Moscow Police Department for wasting their time, and the
offenders - if allowed to remain in school - should be ordered to provide a
semester of community service on campus to include cleaning up the Kibbie
Dome after football games.  What a grotesque example of the power of
athletic departments even at a pathetic fourth rate program like the
University of Idaho football blushingly offers. 

Rose Huskey

Posted: Wednesday, August 26, 2015 11:00 am | Updated: 11:02 am, Wed Aug 26,

By Josh Babcock, Daily News staff writer | 1

Multiple University of Idaho football players took nearly $400 worth of
clothing from the UI VandalStore on Aug. 16, but bookstore officials
declined to press charges after UI football coach Paul Petrino returned the
items the same day, according to a report from the Moscow Police Department.

According to the report, received through a Daily News public records
request, VandalStore Manager Scott McDonald contacted police following the
incident, which took place when the bookstore was closed to the public and
open only to the football team. McDonald told police "he noticed several
clothes hangers empty" and "watched video of the area of where the hangers
were located and saw approximately three males stealing clothing."

"The video clearly showed some items being stolen and placed primarily in a
red backpack, and it appeared as if other items may have been stolen and
concealed in one suspect's pants," the report said.

According to the report, after police watched the video, two UI football
graduate assistants at the store were asked to contact their superiors to
determine who would be responsible for identifying the alleged suspects. A
short time later two Vandals coaches, offensive coordinator Kris Cinkovich
and Bobby Daly, director of football operations, arrived and watched the
video. Shortly after, the report said, Petrino arrived and spoke to McDonald
in McDonald's office. Following the conversation, Petrino left the store and
an officer entered the office, where McDonald made the officer aware of a
pile of clothing he said Petrino had brought back to the store.

According to the report, police asked McDonald who the coaches had
identified in the video, but McDonald told the investigators he "didn't
write it down and did not recall."

The report states McDonald said video would be provided to the MPD the
following day, but VandalStore Director John Bales told police on Aug. 17 he
was going to keep the video and "the incident was going to be handled

In an after-practice interview Tuesday, Petrino told the Daily News, "The
situation has been handled and they're being internally disciplined."

Petrino declined to name the players involved or specify how many players
were involved in the alleged theft. He also declined to give detail on the
severity of the discipline.

When asked if the football players were given special treatment, Petrino
said, "I don't think there is any special treatment at all."

He said the incident had been reported to the president.

The UI Dean of Students Office declined to comment on the incident Wednesday

According to a statement released by the UI following questions to Petrino,
"the athletes involved have been disciplined by the coaches and their
behavior will be investigated through the Student Code of Conduct process."

The Student Code of Conduct says, "Any student found to have committed or to
have attempted to commit the following misconduct is subject to the
disciplinary process" including "Attempted or actual theft of or damage to
property of the University or of another person."

The disciplinary process involves a report to the dean of students office,
which investigates to see if the allegation is credible. If it is, the
office sets a meeting with the student involved to hear his or her side,
investigates further if necessary and issues a finding and disciplinary

The UI said in its statement that had "the merchandise not been returned
immediately the VandalStore would have filed charges as it has done in the
past, consistent with store practice, but in this case, the merchandise was
recovered immediately and the students involved were disciplined."

"Under the same circumstances, the university would have taken the same
action with any other student(s)," the UI statement said.

According to the police report $369.99 worth of merchandise was taken and
returned, including four T-shirts, a jacket and pair of shorts. The
statement released by UI values the merchandise at $285.


Josh Babcock can be reached at (208) 883-4630, or by email to
jbabcock at dnews.com.



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