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Courtesy of today's (August 1, 2015) Moscow-Pullman Daily News.

Convicted sex offender granted permission to live with his child
Chaperone must be present until Sept. 1 continuance
A former New Saint Andrews College student convicted of lewd conduct with a minor in 2006 obtained permission Friday to continue living with his young son until another hearing reviewing the terms and conditions of his probation is held Sept. 1.
Under the terms of his probation, Steven James Sitler, 30, of Moscow, was prohibited from associating with anyone under the age of 18 without supervision of an approved chaperone.
Although Prosecuting Attorney Bill Thompson requested Sitler remove himself from the family home until the hearing, Latah County 2nd District Judge John Stegner required a line-of-sight chaperone instead.
The chaperone will be required at all times the sex offender spends with any child - including his own.
Sitler was sentenced to life in prison, with retained jurisdiction, in September 2006 under a Rule 11 plea agreement with the state. Sitler only served one year with the Idaho Department of Corrections retained jurisdiction program and less than a year in the custody of the Latah County Jail before being released onto probation.
Friday's hearing consisted of a series of closed-door meetings from 2:30-4:10 p.m., followed with 20 minutes in open court.
The court determined to continue the proceedings in light of information - in the form of two sealed reports - obtained shortly before the scheduled hearing.
"Other submissions to the court should be open and available to the public so they can have as much information and knowledge as possible so they can understand what's going on in their courts," Thompson said.
Sitler was expelled from New Saint Andrews after confessing to abusing a child of a Christ Church parishioner, according to a May 2007 Daily News story. Officials at NSA were accused of knowing of the allegations and delaying their reporting to law enforcement.
Sitler was released in 2007 under strict terms of probation. He was required to attend routine treatment and monthly meetings with a probation officer, and was ordered to refrain from alcohol or drug use, not associate with anyone under the age of 18 without supervision of an approved chaperone, not leave the probation district without prior permission from probation officer and to pay restitution for counseling of victims.
According to a September 2007 Daily News story, Sitler was required to move from his home on Residence Street after his release because it was within 150 feet of a day care and he was accused of alleged voyeurism in a probation violation. Additional stipulations were added to the terms of his probation then, including having a chaperone with him when outside his residence, except when on his way to or from work and he was prohibited from owning any "vision enhancing devices," such as binoculars.

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Case No. CR2005-02027

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