[Vision2020] more guns on campus

Sue Hovey suehovey at moscow.com
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My College Dean brother in Texas thinks we’re all nuts here.  Says if students are going to pack, it ought to be a guitar.  Roger, I do hope those professor friends, when they exit the state, make it clear why they are leaving. 

Sue H. 

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I was speaking with some of my professor friends yesterday. I asked, "If you are allowed to make classroom rules such as no cell phones, no computer games, no eating, how is it that you won't be able to say "no guns in my classroom?" I suggested going to the union and having a statewide walkout. Instead, two of these friends, who are extremely capable and long term professors said they are applying for posts in other states. For them, this is the straw (disrespect) that is breaking the camel's back.


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