[Vision2020] The Guns on Campus Debate Continues

Paul Rumelhart godshatter at yahoo.com
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Sounds like hoplophobia to me.

I'm guessing that even on July 1st, when you would expect the people who want to make sure to exercise their new-found rights will most likely do so, you will be hard-pressed to even notice a difference.

It does sound like the authors of the law should have been more careful about loopholes, but I sincerely doubt that anyone will be carrying openly at the next 1000+ student event.  If they are, they will still not be the ones to be worried about.  It's the person carrying concealed illegally that is about to start some shit that is the person you need to be concerned about, and they are unaffected by this law.


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Good Morning Visionaries:

My column on Senate Bill 1254 was posted on the Idaho State Journal on-line, and "Don" responded with his some interesting opinions about what Idaho faculty might face if they resist Senate Bill 1254. 

Our attorney has responded with a reassuring and cogent response. (See attached.) I cannot reproduce Don's full response without his permission, but his views are accurately contained within our attorney's response.

I dare say that our "man" won this debate unarmed hands-down.

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