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National Geographic - Inside Nat Geo

 Explore weddings around the world, an underwater paradise, and a galaxy far, far away! View in web browser.


 Coral Reef Still a Paradise?
 “It is a world,” says photographer David Doubilet, “more alien than the edges of space.” Seventeen years after the reef enchanted him, Doubilet returned to Kimbe Bay to see if the magic endured.
 Find out what the reef looks like today.

 Snaps From Space
 The U.S. government might have shut down, but that didn’t stop NASA from posting amazing photos—straight from space—on Twitter.
 See Earth from an astronaut’s point of view.

 Iceman Has Living Relatives?
 These 19 genetic, living relatives feature among a string of surprise discoveries surrounding Ötzi, the famed ice mummy.
 Where have scientists located them?

 Explore: Weddings
 For over a century, National Geographic has documented weddings around the world. Take a look at ceremonies steeped in tradition or embracing modernity.
 Experience celebrations from Morocco to Italy.

 A Galaxy Far, Far Away…
 Astronomers have discovered the most distant galaxy yet—one that’s 13.1 billion light-years from Earth. But how do we determine its distance?
 Plus: How far back can we go?

 Did You Know…
 The National Geographic Society is a member-supported organization with the mission of inspiring people to care about the planet. Your donations and purchases support the Society’s exploration, research, conservation, and cultural preservation efforts. Through our online community, you can get closer to our explorers and photographers, connect with other members around the world, and help make even more of a difference.
 Become a member of the National Geographic Society. It’s free!


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