[Vision2020] Trapped For Nine Days, Puppy Freed From Storm Drain

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Trapped For Nine Days, Puppy Freed From Storm Drain

DALLAS (CBSDFW.COM) – Animal control officers worked most of Monday to pull a stranded puppy from a storm drain.

Hours after their efforts began, the trapped puppy was freed safe and sound.

The puppy was stuck off Singleton Boulevard — near loop 12 — in west Dallas.

Gabe P. Allen Elementary School teacher Lynda Roth reported hearing the puppy barking nine days ago.  The drain is right behind her portable classroom.

“I went over to the drain behind my portable and I heard it barking loudly but I couldn’t see anything because it was filled with water,” she said.

Firefighters came to check it out, but couldn’t locate the pup.  Roth heard the barking again Monday, so she called Dallas Animal Services.

“My hope is to get this rascal out.  It shows how brave it is,” she said.  “It’s been under there since the16th in this horrible weather.”

Animal services sent a team of employees.  At one point, there were as many as 10 workers in seven different units trying to rescue the puppy.

They even sent a special mobile camera on wheels under ground looking through the pipes, but found nothing.

Hours into the search–the workers decided to try and bait the puppy into a specific area, with a food trap.  Nearly six hours later, he found the food and was pulled to safety.

“We were pretty adamant about this one. He was in a bad situation.  We needed to get him out,” said Paul Ellis from Dallas Animal Services.

Rescued puppy from storm drain.




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