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Hi Gary,


I didn't intend to imply that Moscow resembles Birmingham, Alabama. One need
only walk down the street or go to Winco and realize that Moscow does not
include more than a nominally diverse population.  When seeing a person of
color is a welcome surprise and noticeable because it is not ordinary – we
should automatically recognize our locally limited experience with
multiculturalism. None the less, I get all there is to know about breathing
while brown or black in Moscow, and by extension the rest of Idaho.


Hysterical, Gary?  Please. Hysterical accurately describes the ignorant
local tea party, Project Liberty, home schooling ninnies who think Faux News
is an ethically professional news outlet, President Obama is going to take
their guns away, and Sarah Palin and Michelle Bachman are thoughtful,
intelligent, politicos.  Perhaps I wasn't clear enough in my remarks.  Here
is the connect-the-dots version (not for your sake since I do know you got
what I was saying).  


Whether one is in contemporary or historic Birmingham, Vichy, or Moscow,
Idaho inherited economic privilege and educational access coupled with
convenient entrée to power (mighty or miniscule) is the source of unearned
privilege used by 2% of the population at the expense of the other 98%. In
short, raising chickens in the back yard and hiking all the trails in back
country Idaho does not and will never balance the equation of living off
Mama (or Grampa's) money by wine sipping, cheese sniffing, name dropping,
nanny employing, local latte sipping liberals. Masquerading as Louise
Dickinson Rich (if you haven’t read We Took to The Woods please do.  It is
the real deal story of life in the backwoods of Maine in the late 1930s into
the 2nd World War and it is one of my all time top ten books.) doesn’t make
members of a pretentious, little clique genuine, interesting, or likable.
It does almost make them precious (in an inappropriate kind of way).  And
herein lies the problem.


Hobbies are not professions. Integrity is not a value which relies on a
moral compass that vacillates between personal convenience and
pseudo-toleration of jackasses with hate filled agendas.  High school mean
girls do become adult bullies – and we all know who they are.  Genuine,
committed Democratic organizations are inclusive, work to educate the public
on issues, hold regular voter registration drives, celebrate equality, and
support their candidates with money and volunteer labor – even in
“technically” non-partisan races.  


While Doug Wilson et al are a spiritual and political blight on the
community the crowd described at length in the previous paragraph are
equally disgusting, if not as numerous.  They willingly give Doug and his
congregants cover and protection – and he plays these collaborating patsys
like a skilled fisherman with a trout on a barbless hook. 


You know, Gary, I am not referring to hard working, intellectually honest
folks who have genuine disagreements with me over everything from politics
to religion.  Good on them, they make me think and rethink – which is always
a valuable process (at least for me).  But, I am fed up to my hind teeth
with the phony foolishness and whining oozing from the lethargic, lazy left
in Moscow.






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"It angers me that, in the name of "liberalism" and "tolerance," the voices
in Moscow who most want us to believe that they're opposed to racism,
homophobia, sexism, and the rank classism that chokes this town remain
silent when a racist, homophobic, masculinist hater of community and
democracy announces plans to take it over."


Moscow as Birmingham circa 1955? Hysterical (in every sense)




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