[Vision2020] False ACLU claim/forwarded photos

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obviously, it is time to get offline...

Have a lovely weekend everyone!

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> What one does on their lunch hour, or break, is up to them. Also, other
> than Muslims, people can pray wherever they are.. need not get on your
> knees, or speak aloud.
> For the record, I am for separation of church and state.
> On Fri, Nov 1, 2013 at 7:30 AM, Donovan Arnold <
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>> Pray before you get to school or work. Pray during your breaks and lunch.
>> Pray after work or school. Pray on your days off. Why should an employer
>> pay someone to pray on the clock? Why should we tax people to pay people to
>> watch people pray at public schools or events? I'm for prayer, but not in
>> place of work or school or at an employer or taxpayer's expense.
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>>   Saundra
>> I agree that no one should be forced to prey. How do you accommodate them
>> with out violating the rights of those who wish to prey?  Before I retired
>> I shared my office for a time with a Muslim(nice guy). He asked me it was
>> alright if he said his prayers at noon. I told him it was fine with me.
>> Every day at noon  he got out his carpet, knelled on it and said his
>> prayer, while I continued to work.
>> Roger
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