[Vision2020] False ACLU claim/forwarded photos

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What one does on their lunch hour, or break, is up to them. Also, other
than Muslims, people can pray wherever they are.. need not get on your
knees, or speak aloud.

For the record, I am for separation of church and state.

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> Pray before you get to school or work. Pray during your breaks and lunch.
> Pray after work or school. Pray on your days off. Why should an employer
> pay someone to pray on the clock? Why should we tax people to pay people to
> watch people pray at public schools or events? I'm for prayer, but not in
> place of work or school or at an employer or taxpayer's expense.
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>   Saundra
> I agree that no one should be forced to prey. How do you accommodate them
> with out violating the rights of those who wish to prey?  Before I retired
> I shared my office for a time with a Muslim(nice guy). He asked me it was
> alright if he said his prayers at noon. I told him it was fine with me.
> Every day at noon  he got out his carpet, knelled on it and said his
> prayer, while I continued to work.
> Roger
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