[Vision2020] Things that make you go, "Hmmm."

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Thanks, Tom, for posting this.

It looks as if Wilson is now claiming that it was all a mistake in editing:

If you want the short form, back in the nineties Steve Wilkins and I co-authored a small booklet called Southern Slavery As It Was, which I edited. I won't go into how it happened, but the end result was that some passages from a book that should have been cited weren't cited (Time on the Cross), and it was entirely and completely accidental. It was an embarrassing editorial screw-up, not plagiarism.

We now that Wilson's co-author Steve Wilkins hired members of his church to type out long quotations from the books he wanted to use for his own work.  As is evident from the slavery book and books Wilkins authored on his own, Wilkins copied and pasted long passages--including subtitles! (I've never seen a subtitled cited!)  The passages were not in quotation marks, so they could not be cited properly, and no editor, unless he or she knew the original sources, could ask for proper citation.  It was indeed the most egregious case of plagiarism that I know--far worse than students lifting a few passages for a term paper.

Wilson continue to lie, deceive, and otherwise mislead his flock and other evangelicals who worship him.

Proud to be an Intolerista, because being intolerant of stealing of property, lying, deceiving, bloviating, and general bad manners is a virtue, not a vice,


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"When a college student finds some sparkling prose online, and plonks it down in the middle of his otherwise tepid paper, making the stolen portion flash like a strobe light at the instructor, everybody knows that this is simple intellectual theft, clumsily done. That kind of straight across plagiarism can happen with books also, and does, with depressing regularity."

- Doug Wilson (December 9, 2013)


Footnote to His Whineyness:  That stuff, immediately following the quote (easily identifiable by quotation marks) . . . that includes your name, the date of the quote, and a link to that quote . . . is a citation; a nifty, neat-o thingie I learned during the course of my public education.

Seeya 'round town, Moscow, because . . .

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