[Vision2020] Some Thoughts on Legalizing Marijuana . . .

Ralph Nielsen nielsen at uidaho.edu
Thu Nov 8 11:22:21 PST 2012

Our current War on Drugs is very much like the old War on Alcohol which finally resulted in the constitutional Prohibition of it from 1920-1933. Countless lives were ruined and enormous millions (in those days) of taxpayers' money were wasted on it. Lucrative new businesses were created in both the illegal alcohol and the legal prosecution and imprisonment of the transgressors. The current War on Drugs is like history repeating itself. And many taxpayers still love to pay for it.

The idea of selling MJ only in licensed establishments is not too practical. (And the voters in Washington state have abolished the most obvious outlets to handle it.) So why not treat MJ like tobacco and regulate and sell it accordingly. Sure, you can grow your own MJ, just as you can grow your own tobacco and distill or brew your own alcohol. But most people will prefer to buy it already packaged, like cigarettes, beer, wine and booze.  

Further thoughts?

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