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I was going to respond to Keely comments, but deleted her email, so I will do it here. I know Jeff somewhat. In my opinion he is a Classical Liberal. Keely is making suppositions  that are inaccurate. Jeff is a proponent of the Austrian School of Economics. About the only thing he would have in common with Ayn Rand is the support of individual rights. I doubt that he is a devotee of Ayn Rand. Jeff is a strong proponent of family values and is religious. Ayn Rand is an athiest and a hedonist. She would basicly go with the hippie statement of " if it feels good do it". 
As for the militia, there are several organizations that one could join if one wants to help their community in times of a disaster, such as Search and Resque and the Sheriffs Posse. therefore I do not see the need for one. However if there want to do their own thing, go for it, as long as  they continue to work with and support local authorises. Which they do. Jeffs dad is or was a cop and there are several law enforcement people associated with them. The militia is not my bag however. The Southern Poverty Law School has done some good work in combating hate groups and racism. They gave a work shop on hate groups to the Spokane County Sheriffs group.  They listed Jeff Williams as a dangerous person, with out any supporting data. Jeff has since had several meeting with the Sheriff and has gotten this resolved. They have a respect for one and other, though they may not necessarily agree in their views.
I have friends that are involved with Paint Ball.  They do this for entertainment and use the Grange Park. This is their recreation, not my thing but that is fine as long as they clean up after themselves and do not trample too many plants. The White Pine Native Plant Society also use the park.
There are kooks out there that break the law and should be prosecuted to the full extent of the law, but as long a group supports and works with local authorities that should be their right. One does not have to agree with them.

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>  . . Found in today's (March 7, 2012) Moscow-Pullman Daily News.
> "Jeff Williams is a classic liberal constitutional activist/educator, the chairman of the Palouse Liberty Project, and is involved with the 57th and 75th battalions of the Lightfoot Militia."
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