[Vision2020] Spreading Homophobia

Paul Rumelhart godshatter at yahoo.com
Thu Apr 5 20:45:45 PDT 2012

I have nothing against homosexuality, myself.  It's not my thing, but 
more power to those whose thing it is.

I'm just curious, though, if there is a biblical basis for anything 
other than condemning homosexuality?  All I've ever heard has been about 
how it is an abomination before God, and so on and so forth.

It doesn't really matter to me, really, I'm just curious.


On 04/05/2012 06:16 PM, keely emerinemix wrote:
> Sometimes, the most prominent enemies of the Gospel turn out to be the 
> very ones charged with preaching it from the pulpit.  Their error is 
> more significant than that of the layperson's -- first, because 
> Scripture says they'll be judged more harshly by God when they claim 
> that title, and second because their audience is larger, so their 
> errors spread more easily.  Here, Wilson's take on homosexuality, 
> however Biblical he proclaims it to be, is marred and, I think, 
> clearly defined by his past invitation to have readers come up with as 
> many neat-o offensive words for gay men as they could.  That, and his 
> past refusal to disavow an Old Testament-law approach to stoning or 
> exiling homosexuals.
> There are people who hold to a conservative Biblical view of 
> homosexuality who are not homophobic, destructive, bigoted and 
> mean-spirited, and I would not condemn them for their conservatism.
> Doug Wilson isn't one of these.  I condemn him not for his 
> conservative view of homosexuality, although I would admonish him and 
> everyone else who holds to that view that they must be especially 
> careful about, and sensitive to, fanning flames of homophobia with 
> their rhetoric.  Rather, I condemn him for the bellicose joy he takes 
> in being nasty and snotty -- on this and many, many other issues -- 
> under the cover of "Biblical faithfulness."
> The Bayly Brothers, Steve Wilkins, the Federal Vision crowd, and all 
> of the Reformed, patriarchal men who benefit from these mens' empires, 
> need to get out more and discover a Gospel culture of warmth, 
> kindness, truth, and humility.  There are homosexual and heterosexual 
> women and men there, and it's a good place to be.
> Keely
> www.keely-prevailingwinds.com
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> Well, I wish the “u” hadn’t stuck when I typed the word “pseudo – 
> Christian.”  On the other hand,  I am really sorry that I had to use 
> the term at all in reference to someone who claims the gift of ordination.
> Rose
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> A comment from a fanboy writing on the Bayly brothers' blog, the home 
> page photo for which has confused more than one viewer given the 
> picture of these two handsome, tuxedoed men posing together, a glimpse 
> of what will pass for "reasoned debate" and "learned commentary" at 
> Wilson's talk:
> "Will Doug speak to this phenomenon that homosexuality always follows 
> ubiquitous use of contraception?"
> Golly, I hope so.
> But perhaps then he can talk about how if there really WERE global 
> warming, which Wilson insists there isn't, of course, it would be 
> caused by homosexuality.  Then maybe he can talk about why Superman 
> would be a great role model if only he ditched the tights.  Then he 
> could wrap up with how "Father Hunger" is the cause of the national 
> debt . . . leading to a discussion of how both Presidents Bush, father 
> and son, might finally reconcile, while still blaming President Obama 
> for any immorality he, Wilson, sniffs out around us.
> Or have we just heard this all before?
> Keely
> www.keely-prevailingwinds.com <http://www.keely-prevailingwinds.com>
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> I have to wonder if he will be stopping by for a psedo-Christian chin 
> wag with  Rev. Fred Phelps who  lives in the general area.  Phelps and 
> Wilson would make a dynamic duo on the evangelical speaking circuit, 
>  while simultaneously shaming the Gospel they profess to love. 
>   Anything-For-A-Dime Wilson has never minded slumming with debate 
> partners (Hitchens and Dawkins) but of course there would be no debate 
> with Phelps, since they are in profound agreement on the topic of 
> homosexuality.  What a pair of evil-spirited gits.l
> Rose Huskey
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> It's really simple, Wayne.
> Seeya round town, Moscow.
> Tom Hansen
> Moscow, Idaho
> "If not us, who?
> If not now, when?"
> - Unknown
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>     The epitome and hero of the local ignorant continues to attempt to
>     deny equality and human rights:  He, Christ Church Cultmaster
>     Douglas Wilson, the self-claimed inerrant interpreter of the
>     alleged inerrant word of some alleged god, the Bible, follows this
>     dicta:  If facts contradict the Bible, then the facts are wrong.
>     Crackpottery and con artistry rely on Barnum's "There's one [or
>     more] born every minute."  In the meantime millions of gay people
>     face stigma and discrimination because of ignorant, arrogant
>     egomaniacs/megalomaniacs like Christ Church Cultmaster Douglas
>     Wilson continue to attempt to foist their religious
>     delusions/superstitions on all.
>     http://www.baylyblog.com/2012/04/sex-at-indiana-univeristy-.html
>     http://jesusatiu.com/sexual-design-series-lectures-doug-wilson
>     -- 
>     Art Deco (Wayne A. Fox)
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