[Vision2020] God Speaks to Gov. Perry

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Given Dr. Jeff Masters' weather and climate website, and the article from
the Star-Telegram quoting the Texas Forest Service, both quoted below, it
appears "God" is putting Texas through a historic hell, with record setting
heat waves and fires

Of course, Governor Perry, in his divinely inspired wisdom, will continue to
insist that anthropogenic global warming has nothing to do with the climate
related devastation in Texas under both Perry's and "God's" watch.

"God," if there is such an awesomely powerful entity that doles out
widespread punishment for wrongdoing, might be targeting Texas for excesses
in the death penalty and big oil...


"The U.S. had its hottest summer in 75 years, and Texas smashed the record
for hottest summer ever experienced by a U.S. state since record keeping
began in 1895, NOAA's National Climatic Data Center said yesterday. The June
- August average temperatures in Texas and Oklahoma were a remarkable 1.6°F
and 1.3°F warmer than the previous hottest summer for a U.S. state, the
summer of 1934 in Oklahoma. Texas' summer was 2.5°F hotter than their
previous hottest summer,"

Fire crews across the state are confronting record high fire danger ratings
and all-time lows for fuel-moisture content, said Tom Spencer, head of the
Texas Forest Service's predictive services department. (Low fuel-moisture
content means that vegetation is dry.)

It's adding up to a potential nightmare scenario, fire experts say.

"It's scary for us what the late-summer conditions could look like," Spencer
said. "Our winter-spring fire season has basically merged with our
late-summer season.

"2011 as it stands is a record year, and it stands to be even more so.
There's no relief in sight -- it's only going to get worse."
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On Sat, Sep 10, 2011 at 12:58 PM, Ron Force <rforce2003 at yahoo.com> wrote:

> Rick Perry led a prayer meeting of 30,000 evangelical Christians in a
> Houston football stadium last month, calling on Jesus to guide us out of
> our national travail.  It was billed as non-political.  I suppose that's
> possible; under the First Amendment God is not excluded from politics, but
> if Perry wants to be President he's got to be able to negotiate at every
> level.  The big question then is, how did God respond?  It didn't take long
> to get an answer.  The crowd had scarcely left the stadium when God set
> Texas on fire.  It’s still burning.  In fact, when God sent Tropical Storm
> Lee ashore he had it it dump record rains on the other Gulf states, while
> leaving Texas parched.  This is not a good sign.
> Robert L. Park
> Ron Force
> Moscow Idaho USA
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>  I'm jealous of Gov. Perry! Since the Republicans took over the House God
> hasn't had time to speak to me, He now just sends me text messages that say
> things like; "Stop", "Don't do that", and "You're a very naughty boy!". The
> last one was also sent extensively to both former President Clinton and
> Idaho Senator Larry Craig.
> Donovan Arnold
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> *Subject:* [Vision2020] God Speaks to Gov. Perry
> Greetings:
> I will be posting my column "Wen Jibao for President? Rick Perry's Job
> Growth Deception" very soon.
> Nick
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