[Vision2020] who pays for Megaload cops?

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Mon Sep 5 19:14:28 PDT 2011

Nothing is different for them.  Walmart, Target, and any other business 
can happily move their products down the State highway as long as they 
go through the process of securing the proper permits.

I'm of the opinion that Lucifer himself should be allowed to move 
megaloads down the State highway as long as he secures the proper 
permits and isn't violating any laws.  I don't know about Loki, though.  
He is a trickster god, after all.  You can't really trust him, but you 
can't really deny him the permits either.  Just keep a close eye on him, 
I guess.


On 09/05/2011 07:05 PM, Donovan Arnold wrote:
> I don't think people are protesting the company, just their 
> destructive behavior as is evidenced by the protesting not occurring 
> at any of the ExxonMobil gas stations or their other products 
> elsewhere in the community. The only rules that have changed are the 
> ones that ExxonMobil made for themselves and nobody else to be able to 
> ship products at a weight and size deemed unsafe. Honestly, why is it 
> safe for ExxonMobil to move this size cargo and not Walmart, Target, 
> and other business passing through? It would save them money too. What 
> is different for them?
> Donovan Arnold
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> Hey, they're not my favorite company, either.  However, the rules 
> don't change based on how much we like them.
> Paul
> On 09/04/2011 10:38 PM, Donovan Arnold wrote:
>> Yeah, poor Exxon Mobile. They seem to always be getting the short end 
>> of the deal because nobody likes them. All they have to comfort and 
>> console them is the 100s of billions they make every year from 
>> cheating and exploiting people and the environment. We certainly do 
>> not treat all the other companies that roll large numbers of 
>> megaloads through our pristine environment the same way do we?
>> Donovan Arnold
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>> Who is paying and who should have to pay are two different things.  
>> If Exxon/Mobil is paying as part of a contract they negotiated, or if 
>> they are paying in order to keep their drivers safe, so much the 
>> better.  I just don't like this current-object-of-my-ire-pays rule 
>> that seems to have sprung up here.
>> If you walk through a dangerous part of town on the way home and you 
>> have call 911 a few times to get the cops to break up bad situations, 
>> I don't see how you should expect to be billed for it.  If you decide 
>> to hire an off-duty cop to walk with you, it doesn't change the fact 
>> that you shouldn't have to do so.
>> In effect, it's akin to fining Exxon/Mobil for having a bad 
>> reputation amongst local Muscovites.  I don't see that as a positive 
>> thing.
>> Paul
>> On 09/04/2011 01:45 PM, Gier, Nicholas wrote:
>>> Greetings:
>>> What has been lost in this discussion and rather detrimental to 
>>> Paul's and Jay's position is that Exxon Mobil paid for police 
>>> security going up Highway 12 (and is still paying for it as the load 
>>> sits there being ugly); and, according to our mayor, Exxon-Mobil is 
>>> willing to pay the Moscow MPD for any extra costs.  I don't know why 
>>> Nancy would tell me something that is not true, so this ends, for me 
>>> at least, the discussion about who should pay.
>>> Nick
>>> Paul states,
>>> "As a property tax payer, I'd rather pay for general police coverage 
>>> that way than to have to have a credit card handy when I dial 911."
>>> Paul, I think that is an excellent counter argument to a claim that 
>>> people should be required to personally finance the costs of their 
>>> legitimate emergencies to the city. But since that claim was never 
>>> made I am unsure as to why you would make it.
>>> However, I am sure that many for profit businesses would be pleased 
>>> to hear that you are willing to pay a share of their costs of doing 
>>> business by transferring their company responsibilities to 
>>> publicly funded government agencies they don't pay into. I am not so 
>>> willing and generous as you are, apparently. I believe that general 
>>> city services should be used for the general public not to pawn off 
>>> expenses of private for profit companies to local taxpayers.
>>> Donovan Arnold
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