[Vision2020] the whiff of the kirk

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Maybe the same source of the whiff doesn't want the current turmoil in the cult to spread beyond the members already unhappy via V2020 to other members, or doesn't want the public to get that whiff at all -- so humiliating and demasking for certain people.

I wonder if the motive behind this attempt to intimidate FSR and silence others may also be connected to the Caymans via some clever manipulation of the troll by someone she/he worships.

The writer writes in basically correctly spelled, punctuated, and grammatically correct English, but doesn't doesn't appear to know the difference between slander and libel for one thing, or much about defamation law for another.  I wonder if this does not point to a certain chronically befuddled member of the kirk, who is also the butt of many jokes among some of the kirk.


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Subject: [Vision2020] the whiff of the kirk

Somehow, I knew that our anonymous interloper was connected in some way with the folks at Christ Church. Most V2020 peeps recognize the giant tip off when a pseudonym in employed.   It almost certainly is true that the Kirk pedophiles shudder when their names appear on V2020.  Hello Jamin Wight and Steven - you-make-me-want-to- vomit - Sitler.    And, frankly, I am delighted it is so.  However, V2020 has nothing to do with the court records available for all to see.  The following court documents describe the behavior of these two perps and, it is to be hoped, offer fair warning to potential victims of these two jerks.








Rose Huskey



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