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Thanks so much for posting links to this document.  It contains thoughtful
recommendations that will improve campus safety and streamline a bulky
administrative / departmental approach to risk management.  Additionally,
perhaps UI will finally reconsider the ridiculous and financially wasteful
use of a "private security force" which does very little to protect students
and property.  

Rose Huskey


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The full report can be downloaded here:

External Review Panel - policies and procedures related to safety and

Released November 30, 2011
Excerpt from report:

November 18, 2011

University of Idaho
Dr. M. Duane Nellis, President
University of Idaho
Moscow, Idaho 83843

Re: Report of the External Review Panel

Dear President Nellis,

This letter will serve as the final written report from the independent
review panel you appointed
to review the University ofIdaho's policies and procedures for safety and
security. Before going
further, we want to thank you for the confidence you placed in each of us in
selecting us for this
important task and we hope this review will be of assistance to you. During
the course of our
review, we have benefitted from the assistance and information provided by
the Risk
Management Officer, Nancy Spink, and the Dean of Students, Dr. Bruce Pitman,
as well as a
thorough review of the University's policies and procedures related to
safety and security.
We now convey our report and recommendations to you.

Download the full report
.ashx>  (pdf)


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