[Vision2020] Herman Cain's Extra-Marital Relations

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Since you can rehash stuff from the 90s, how about rehashing the details of how Gingrich proved himself – time & again – to have the ethics & morals of a piece of crap?


After all, it’s certainly not Bill Clinton that’s currently trying to sell himself as presidential material the way Nasty Newt is.





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Well, I’m not really defending any of these clowns…


… but Gingrich lied while Clinton was guilty of perjury.   Clinton wasn’t damned because of the affair, he was damned because he lied under oath.


But… I’m just dredging up the same arguments that happened back in the 90’s.





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I think it is ironic that support shifted from Cain to Gingrich after it was released by the press that Cain had several affairs when Gingrich also had affairs. Worse, Gingrich had an affair and left his wife while she was in the hospital. Gingrich also tried to impeach Clinton for lying about his affair while lying about his own. 


Donovan Arnold


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Courtesy of the Borowitz Report at:





Poll: 28% Think Cain Had Affair; 28% Don’t Think Cain Had Affair; 44% Having Affair with Cain Right Now

Millions of Exes Could Spell Trouble for Candidate


MINNEAPOLIS – In a new poll of likely GOP voters, 28% think Herman Cain had an extramarital affair, 28% do not think he had an affair, and 44% are having an affair with Herman Cain right now.

Of the voters currently having sex with Mr. Cain, 52% called the relationship “special,” 38% called it “inappropriate,” and 10% agreed with the statement “I know I am Herman’s soul mate and someday we’ll be together.”

According to Davis Logsdon, who conducted the poll for the University of Minnesota’s Opinion Research Institute, the numbers could spell trouble for the former pizza executive: “There is no precedent for a successful White House run by a man with over ten million exes.”

In an interview with CNN’s Wolf Blitzer today, Mr. Cain seemed to brush off the latest development, saying, “Now you know why I got your name wrong, Blitz – I have a lot of names to keep straight in my head.”

Mr. Cain added, "My message to the American people remains the same, and that message is, 'I told you not to call me here.'"

But later in the day Mr. Cain got a got a harsh scolding from Republican frontrunner Newt Gingrich: “If Herman is in fact having sex with millions of Americans, he needs to do the right thing and marry them.”


Seeya round town, Moscow.

Tom Hansen

Moscow, Idaho

"If not us, who?

If not now, when?"

- Unknown

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