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That would be a crazy one.  Probably wouldn't stand up in a court because of 
the discrepant travel requirements for the two
Congress People.  I heard that opinion somewhere.

Sue H.

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How about the potential of being in the same congressional district as 

>From the proposal I saw in the Trib, both our current representatives would 
>live in the wrong district, and technically have to resign

I suppose some folks would say that's not a bad thing . . .


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> . . . that Moscow rejects the theocracy inherent from the "views" of 
> people
> like Paula Bauer (a la Gresham Bouma & his pastor Lloyd Knerr).  The 
> genuine
> rub, however, is that the outlying areas are no more interested in the
> peculiar theocracy Bauer & Bouma crave than the city of Moscow is, 
> something
> the blogger unfortunately missed in a big way.
> Frankly, I'm disappointed there's not been discussion on the Viz about the
> reapportionment . . .
> Saundra Lund
> Moscow, ID
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> http://lmtribune.com/blogs/political_theater/article_2a7f6630-9def-11e0-a494
> -001a4bcf6878.html
> Moscow not feeling the love
> by Bill Spence | 0 comments
> There was a distinct anti-Moscow flavor to the Idaho Commission on
> Reapportionment meeting in Moscow this afternoon.
> A number of rural residents, including several Republican Party officials,
> urged the commission to split the rural portion of Latah County away from
> Moscow and pair it with Benewah and Shoshone counties to the north.
> "There's a widespread sense of disenfranchisement in the outlying areas 
> ...
> a strong sense that it's futile to fight against Moscow," said Paula 
> Bauer,
> the Republican precinct chair for Viola and the first person to address 
> the
> commission during its public listening session at the University of Idaho
> today.
> Bauer said rural Latah County has more in common Benewah and Shoshone
> counties, whereas Moscow is more similar to Lewiston. When it redraws
> legislative district boundaries to reflect the 2010 census populations, 
> she
> urged the commission to put two cities together in a single district, 
> while
> pairing the rural communities in a second district.
> "It's not that we don't like them (Moscow residents)," she said. "It's
> recognizing that our values, our interests and our needs are different."
> Pam Kaynor, chair of the Benewah County Republican Central Committee, said
> her county commissioners have no interest in being put in the same 
> district
> as Moscow.
> "The only part of Latah County we feel linked to is northern (rural) 
> Latah,"
> she said. "If not that, we don't want it."
> Latah County is a standalone legislative district right now, but that will
> have to change because it's population isn't great enough. Either it gets
> split between two or more districts, or it gets paired with other areas.
> Latah County Commissioner Tom Stroschein encouraged the commission to keep
> it whole. The primary options would be to pair it with Benewah County to 
> the
> north or with Clearwater County to the east. He didn't indicate which he
> would prefer, but said he'd "hate to see local government have to work 
> with
> legislators who didn't live in the county and didn't understand our county
> roots."
> Commissioner Evan Frasure of Pocatello said the Latah, Nez Perce, 
> Clearwater
> County region "is one of the more difficult areas in the state to lump
> together in a logical way. I've redrawn this area 15 times and not come up
> with anything."
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