[Vision2020] Henry

roger hayes rhayes at frontier.com
Thu Jun 9 20:33:18 PDT 2011

I rather doubt that using the term "hippies," or even the ageist  
perforative "aging hippies" angered or upset anyone reading your  
opinion. It was, however, marginalizing by grouping and  
generalization people's democratic right to express their opinion  
about what happens in their town that is causing duress. Think about  
it, no one uses your social sub-group as a reason your expression of   
your  opinions should not be honored. This would be basis for more  
horrible social outcomes. I struggle to use words such as racism,  
sexism, ageism,  or homophilia stereotyping association with your  
column, but unfortunately that's where your "humor" is leading.  
Caution with stereotyping is advised.
On the upside, I have to say that I know you, admire you, and will  
continue reading your column because I know you understand what the  
root problem here is. And I do have a sense of humor. Keep writing  
Roger Hayes

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