[Vision2020] Art on the Palouse!

deb debismith at moscow.com
Wed Jun 8 16:54:58 PDT 2011

Just a reminder, Artwalk is next Friday, June 17th.....

The 1912 Center is hosting Palouse Women Artist's Portraits of a Community. The reception is at 4:30 Pm on the 17th, and some of the portraits honor Bill London, Bob Green and Betsy Dickow, Lois Blackburn, Ruby Valentine, Dr. Ghazi Ghazenfar, Linda Pall, Dr. Naskali, Joann Muneta, etc. etc.....It is the first annual, so enjoy and visit again next year. The Palouse has too many fabulous influential people for just one year of portraits!!!

Also, a PWA  art show  just opened at Safari Pearl (the comic shop). It is all about BOOKS, and some very interesting takes on that subject are available for your viewing and comments. The artist's reception is 6-8 PM on the 17th. 

And PCEI has Adarondack Chairs "altered" by local artists for Artwalk.....Beautiful setting, good music, and nice folks doing right by the environment----go there!

Debi R-S 
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