[Vision2020] The Idaho Constitution on transportation

Kenneth Marcy kmmos1 at frontier.com
Thu Jun 9 10:07:25 PDT 2011



Section 6.Equal transportation rights guaranteed. All individuals, 
associations, and corporations, similarly situated, shall have equal rights to 
have persons or property transported on and over any railroad, transportation, 
or express route in this state, except that preference may be given to 
perishable property. No undue or unreasonable discrimination shall be made in 
charges or facilities for transportation of freight or passengers of the same 
class, by any railroad, or transportation, or express company, between persons 
or places within this state; but excursion or commutation tickets may be 
issued and sold at special rates, provided such rates are the same to all 
persons. No railroad, or transportation, or express company shall be allowed 
to charge, collect, or receive, under penalties which the legislature shall 
prescribe, any greater charge or toll for the transportation of freight or 
passengers, to any place or station upon its route or line, than it changes 
for the transportation of the same class of freight or passengers to any more 
distant place or station upon its route or line within this state. No 
railroad, express, or transportation company, nor any lessee, manager, or 
other employee thereof, shall give any preference to any individual, 
association, or corporation, in furnishing cars or motive power, or for the 
transportation of money or other express matter.

Are equal transportation rights guaranteed with respect to megaloads?


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