[Vision2020] Two Seperate Issues

Henry D. "Hank" Johnston hearseboy85 at gmail.com
Thu Jun 9 09:41:06 PDT 2011

I see that we're not going to make any progress here on this Megaload issue
because some people can't get over the end result.

I'm as concerned about the enviromental damage in Canada as many of you on
this forum.  But those concerns cannot weigh into whether or not the permits
are issued to move said loads through Moscow if the laws and rules exist for
other loads of the same demensions (though not maybe owned by oil
companies) to be permitted.

The basis of my opinion is about the megaloads themselves - height, weight,
noise, damage to roadways, etc... all of which were deemed null issues by
our police and fire chiefs and the road concern was deemed null by our city
streets supervisor.  Such loads are also permittable under current Idaho
law/admin rules.

Can anyone on this forum say that you would still be opposed to loads of
this size if they were large solar panels or wind turbine equipment?  If
you're opposed to the loads based on the size/noise/etc.. regardless
of use then I respect and can see your point of view even though its
different than mine.

But I won't engage in a discussion about whether or not we should be some
sort of heros to the people of Canada by stopping these loads for their well
being.  It is my position that its not Moscow's position to do so.

If that ends the discussion then so be it but all my opinions are now on the


@ Joe - You're really hung up on this hippie thing and all I can say is get
over it.  I've gotten over the fact you called me an offensive idiot.
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