[Vision2020] thoughtful center right thought?

bookpeople of moscow bookpeople at moscow.com
Wed Jun 8 14:10:45 PDT 2011

how can anything be called thoughtful that starts off a personal attack. what's wrong with the hippie idea that life is beautiful, should be enjoyed and lived to the fullest and the earth belongs to people.taylor doesn't say what's wrong with that idea. he attacks people-ad hominum for the snobs in the audience who need fancy words-but does not say what's wrong with the hippie belief.

i don't see why the conservative  method of attacking other people with lies, half-truth, smears, innuendo, deceit, filth, misinformation, distortion and flat out untruth should be called thoughtful.

a thoughtful response would provide alternatives, factual information, and point to where those who think differently are basing their thoughts on the wrong information not because they are wearing birkenstocks.

actually why would you think the mega loads defenders are supporting a company who didn't know it snowed in the mountains of montana in feburary. what else don't they know. 
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