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Henry D. "Hank" Johnston hearseboy85 at gmail.com
Tue Jun 7 19:58:14 PDT 2011

I'm glad to see I've raised the hackles of Moscow's keyboard commandos here on Vision 2020!

While I'm no longer with RadioShack in Pullman (I haven't been for over a year now) where I work should be of little concern to anyone on this site.  My columns are simply the exercising of my first amendment rights to share my opinion with whatever twist of humor I desire. 

For what its worth, I do live in Moscow with my partner/husband Alex and am a Moscow/Latah county taxpayer.

So whats that to you and your friends on your mailing list Brett?  Gonna send a lynch mob after me?

Also, Shirley Ringo was incorrect in assuming that I'm a "republican" with "big business" leanings.  Yes, I was a page in the legislature (nearly 10 years ago) and I do have a slightly different outlook about business in Moscow (and in general) than the members of this forum.

I do however pride myself on becoming quite moderate with a slightly conservative slant in the past several years (compared to my earlier writings) and, if you've been following my columns, I quite publicly and brutally ripped the Latah County GOP a new one a couple months ago.  It was also in that column that resigned my membership from the Idaho and Latah GOP's in favor of becoming an independent.

If the readers of this forum want to take my writings literally then so be it - I presume then there is nothing I could write that wouldn't offend someone.  

Rather than start firing off phrases like "offensive idiot" I would much rather prefer that you step back and look at what I write with a little bit of humor as Tom Hansen has - yes Tom, it must be a hippie thing and no I don't understand. 

I'm flattered that you care so much about me and what I write


Henry Johnston
Moscow Pullman Daily News
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