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Just a question:  According to Idaho law do I as a landlord have the right 
to ban guns in my rental property?

Sue Hovey

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> 2)  If residents of these state-owned dwellings are permitted to store
> firearms and ammunition within these state-owned dwellings, there is
> nothing to prevent residents of state-owned dorms (including those dorm
> residents who habitually consume such copious amounts of alcohol as to
> fall out of second-floor windows) from possessing and storing firearms and
> ammunition within their dorm rooms.

That's probably true. But that's the law.

> And for the bonus round, might I add that the first fatality resulting
> from this newly availed freedom may, subsequently, place the state (along
> with the State Board of Education and UI President Duane Nellis) in court
> once again . . . as defendents in a wrongful death lawsuit.

Idaho has a long history of cases involving the UI in its capacity as
landlord, all of which (at least, as far as I'm aware) the plaintiff
has lost.

-- ACS

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